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The Camp Fire.

[THE following verses have been sent to us by a correspondent in the country, who states that he does not know the author's name—that he received a copy of them from a traveller.
We are not aware whether or not they have ever been published.]

The stockman's evening meal was o'er, the damper stowed away,

And to stretch our weary limbs around the fire we lay.
" Put on another log, my boys!—a good large one; that's right;
Make up a bully fire, for I fear we'll have it cold to-night;

And before you light that pipe of yours just feel in my valise;
You'll find a flask of good three-star—there's just a nip apiece; ...


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 James Sweeney (1875-?)

 Roving Irish verse peddler.

In the years between the first and second world wars, a small number of men made their living in Queensland, by writing and selling their own verse. James Sweeney was one of these.

 James Sweeney

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