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                                             by Mabel Forrest (1909)

Magnetic Island, 1906, SLQ 158258


A creaking crane and a swinging weight, the moist, hot dark about us,

And the laugh of a girl from the prow, with mirth that seems to flout us;

And over there, where the crouching rock, lion like, leans o'er the town,

The reds and greens of the signal light, from the slender spar look down;

And here and there on the sleeping deck lies a gleaming shaft of white,

Here and there the long soft shadow creeps on the pathway of the light,



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Llywelyn Lucas (1898-1967) 


'If you're a successful original, you're a genius.  If you're an unsuccessful original, you're a crank.'

                           Llywelyn Lucas 

Llywelyn Lucas is perhaps the most strong minded and independent of the band of strong minded and independent women poets, who flourished in Queensland from the 1920s to the 1940s.  She lived a thoroughly unconventional life. 

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