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Up North*

               by Mary Hannay Foott (1889)

Into Thy hands let me fall, O Lord –
Not into the hands of men –

And she thinned the ranks of the savage horde
Till they shrunk to the mangrove fen.

In a rudderless boat, with scanty storeMary Watson (SLQ Neg 67193)
Of food for the fated three –
With her babe and her stricken servitor
She fled to the open sea.

Oh, days of dolor and nights of drouth,
While she watched for a sail in vain,
Or the tawny tinge of a river mouth,
Or the rush of the tropic rain.

The valiant woman! Her feeble oar
Sufficed, and her fervent prayer
Was heard, though she reached but a barren shore, ...


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Two Soldiers, Two flyers


Queensland Poetry in WWII

It seems that one of the most fertile environments for the creation of poetry is an extreme emotional experience followed by a period of idleness. It is probably for that reason that combatants in that most awful of  human activities, war, produce so many fine poems. In Australia, during the second World  War, one anthology alone, Poets at War featured poems written by more than 70  service men and women.  


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