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The Women of the West

                              by George Essex Evans

They left the vine-wreathed cottage and the mansion on the hill,
The houses in the busy streets where life is never still,
The pleasures of the city, and the friends they cherished best:
For love they faced the wilderness – the Women of the West.

The roar, and rush, and fever of the city died away,
And the old-time joys and faces – they were gone for many a day;
In their place the lurching coach-wheel, or the creaking bullock chains,
O'er the everlasting sameness of the never ending plains. ...


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Paula Fitzgerald

 Paula Fitzgerald

Nurse, teacher, poet of the heart. 

Paula Fitzgerald’s literary story shows how difficult it was for Queensland poets to get their work published in the years up to 1959. She was born in Brisbane in 1896, and educated at All Hallows Convent. She trained first as a kindergarten teacher and then as a nurse. However, literature was her true calling. She wrote children’s stories and poems and published poetry for adults in the Bulletin, Australia, the Brisbane Telegraph, the Australian Women’s Mirror,  and an Adelaide journal Venture. 

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