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 Queensland Night

                                       E.M. England

Slowly the hours, with their star-dusted hair,
Trail past the red-faced and broad-bosomed Moon,
There is a stealthy glamour everywhere,
A bright effulgence, like a second noon;
Drugged with the silence and the pure, sweet air,
Blue lilies sleep upon the broad lagoon.

Drowsing night-long, fat cattle in the shade,
(The slate-grey shade of daytime-dusty trees).
Loll in the grass – tall, sunburnt, and wind-swayed
That ripples like lake-waters to my knees;
Curlews' shrill calling down the dim arcade...


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Llywelyn Lucas (1898-1967) 


'If you're a successful original, you're a genius.  If you're an unsuccessful original, you're a crank.'

                           Llywelyn Lucas 

Llywelyn Lucas is perhaps the most strong minded and independent of the band of strong minded and independent women poets, who flourished in Queensland from the 1920s to the 1940s.  She lived a thoroughly unconventional life. 

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