The Barron Falls

                                         by James Sweeney (1935)

Barron Falls, 1933, SLQ NEG 28063 

I have gazed on sweet Killarney, that Eden of the West,
And beauty spots in other lands, where the weary love to rest,
And all this scenic beauty fond memories recalls,
But my thoughts will always linger on the lovely Barron Falls.

Winding down the valleys the River Barron flows
To join the placid ocean, where coral beauty grows;
Enhancing more than beauty, the cedars slim and tall
Mingle with the mangoes around the Barron Falls.

Nature is most lavish in her picturesque display
Of flowers and ferns in forest glens, all in grand array;
When mind and limbs are weary I seem to hear the call:
Come back again to Cairns and the lovely Barron Falls.

                                                 J. Sweeney, (1935)

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