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Some of the most interesting poems of the period don't neatly fit within any of the categories on this website.

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Poem Title First Line Author  Published
Age I love old flowers: the withering Llywelyn Lucas 1965
Bush Buncombe I'd been camping in the back-blocks ..... Arthur Wade 1947
First Things First  In China these things happened long ago : Martin Haley 1936
My Children How I have loved you Gwen Belson Taylor 1986
Nomad Travelogues, these radios have made Garry Lyle  1939
The Bowl The bowl is shattered/The great blue bowl  Colin Bingham 1929
The Camp Fire The stockman's evening meal was o'er, the damper stowed away Anonymous 1885
The First Bomb At the burst of the first sky-bomb Brian Vrepont 1941
The Malvern Star I set out from Proston for old Kingaroy, James Sweeney 1935
The Miniature Lady of elusive smile, Edgar Holt 1932
The Shepherd's Last Sleep In the old log hut the shepherd lay , Essex Evans 1891
To the Rosella in the Poinsettia Tree Beautiful bird, in as your wings as vivid
James Picot 1941