Poems of Place

The evocation of place has been a mainstay of poetry since the first ever poet worked out that 'ugh!' and 'grugh' sounded alike.

Here are some poems of Queensland and Queenslanders. Click on the titles to read the poems. 



First line



Alone in the Pool So softly I go that the heron E.M.England 1944
Australia It was good to lie in the sun discovering  Peter Miles 1945
Brisbane A red cathedral's tiles, a tapering spire Alice Gore-Jones  1917
City Hall, Brisbane  I saw you rise, proud tower, slow, sure and strong  Emily Bulcock 1945
December The day of the Midsummer Solstice  Martin Haley  1951
Derby (WA) Flat, Arthur Wade 1947
Exhibition Cameo The music and the laughter simmer down Frank Francis  1943
Farthest North  Away before the stretching eyes Victor Kennedy 1927
From an Upper Verandah What happier haunt could the gods allot Brunton-Stephens  1875

In A Chain Store Cafeteria

This is where the People take tea- 

Paul Grano  1940
In the Bush A thousand miles and more to the westward, Francis Kenna 1915
North Queensland Lullaby Sleep, my birrahlee; hush, my soft grey dove  Lucille M. Quinlan 1931
Pacific Moon The boom of the surf again in rising wind….  Peter Miles 1945
Palmer River  Gold upon the mountain side  Victor Kennedy 1928
Path at Stradbroke Other lovers will have found it now, E.M.England 1944
Poinciana Tree, Bowen Park, Brisbane As softly as the touch of moth's frail wing,  Emily Bulcock 1945
Poinsettia Midwinter clutches on the skirts of June  Emily Bulcock 1945
Queensland Thou are, in sooth, a lovely land  E.M.O'Doherty 1862
Queensland Night Slowly the hours, with their star-dusted hair, E.M.England 1944
Queen Street- Sunday Sunday afternoon has long shadows  K.H.Bradshaw 1946
Redcliffe, Humpy Bong There is a long low strip of yellow sand  'Vileyse' 1883
Red Hill, 1940 Daily as down the suburb's slope I walk Martin Haley 1951
South Brisbane and the automatic telephone The people on the southern side, Maurice Little 1923
Southport, August 1934  Was ever morning lovelier than this June Saunders 1934
Taringa The air at sweet Taringa, is like Taringa's name, Llywellyn Lucas 1928
The Barron Falls I have gazed on sweet Killarney, that Eden of the West James Sweeney 1935
The big roos' feeding ground In the heart of the timbered country Mabel Forrest 1909
The call of the north A creaking crane and a swinging weight, Mabel Forrest 1909
The Bells of Condamine Bells along the Condamine,  Frank C. Francis 1944
The Dead Lagoon Never glint of sunlight settles Francis Kenna 1895
The First Rain  Out across the bending cane Victor Kennedy 1928
The North Again  It's well, this tilting of the steady rain Victor Kennedy  1938
The Point of View A storm came o'er the hills today Colin Bingham 1929
The Sydney Slums  They tell us Sydney's great and grand James Sweeney 1943
Where the Pelican Builds The horses were ready, the rails were down, Mary Hannay Foott 1881
Wind Grass like small feet following , Peter Miles 1942
Winter Westerlies  Leaning against the wind across the paddock ways James Devaney  1950