People and Places 

Here are some poems about Queenslanders. Click on the titles to read the poems. Maybe you can recognize something or somebody.



First line



Alone in the Pool So softly I go that the heron E.M.England 1944
Banjo of the Overflow My request was not requited, for an answer came indited, Francis Kenna 1891
Exhibition Cameo The music and the laughter simmer down Frank Francis  1943
"L.L" (Leichhardt) Far off! far off! within the desert rude  E.M.O'Doherty (1909)
My Child's Warm Hand My child's warm hand is such a thing Colin Bingham 1929
North Queensland Lullaby Sleep, my birrahlee; hush, my soft grey dove  Lucille M. Quinlan 1931
Queer Little Almond Eyes Queer little deep brown almond eyes Victor Kennedy  1928
Ready Mades All day she works at the sewing machine Mabel Forrest 1909
The Average Man His hat looks worn, and his coat-sleeves shine  Essex Evans 1894
The First Rain  Out across the bending cane Victor Kennedy 1928
The Lay of the Diprotodon I dwell in a black gully deep Robert N Gunn 1885
The Net Menders  I came upon them by a strip of sea, Brian Vrepont 1943
The Women of the West They left the vine-wreathed cottage and the mansion on the hill  Essex Evans 1901
Vale Old Sailor The old sailor leaves the port  Gwen Belson Taylor 1976