Public Affairs.... and Politics

One way in which poetry has changed in Queensland since 1859, is that then, poetry was much more an instrument of public communication than it is now. If there was an issue of current concern, one way it would be voiced was by the publication of a poem on the subject.

Click on the poem titles below to read some of the poems of time and of politics that were published by Queensland poets up to 1959.


Poem title First line Author Published
A Flight across the Sea The voices of the spring are calling E.M.O'Doherty ca 1848
Crabs Poisonous, bloated, crab-like shapes AA Bayldon 1896
"Damitall!" The dawn was breaking clear and calm  Thomas G Rabbets 1917
Katie Jackson Have you heard of Katie Jackson,
Our Queensland girl so brave
Mary Hannay Foott 1893
Man Digging in Queen St I often wonder what they see Francis Kenna 1930
The Brisbane Centenary A hundred years ago the tireless tide Colin Bingham 1925
The Nation Builders A handful of workers seeking the star of a strong intent  George Essex Evans 1906
Our True Men  Our true men! our true men!
We proudly sing them all
E.M.O'Doherty ca 1848
Prickly Pear  The smashed and tumbling trunks litter the plains  James Picot 1941
Sonnet Why do you listen, watcher? Do you hear, Edgar Holt 1932
The Famine in Ireland, 1879-80    They shall not perish! Not if help can save Brunton Stephens 1880
The Gentle Anarchist  I am a gentle Anarchist /I ouldn'tI   c Brunton Stephens  1888
The Pleasant Future of Jones 

"Quick, guard, there goes a man/ Without a number. Arrest him!" 

Brian Vrepont 1941
Tinsel Bright eyes has Folly, lips that laugh and  lure - June Saunders 1938