Race and Religion

Early Queensland was a predominantly Christian place, and spiritual themes are evident in many of the finest poems of the period. Issues of race are also prominent, but sadly the Christian spirit does not always find its way to these poems.  

Please click on the poem titles below to read about race and religion through the eyes of early Queensland poets.


Poem Title First Line Author  Published
A Peace Vesper For all that makes life fair Thomas G Rabbets 1919
Little Boy Ke This is the tale of the little boy Ke  Arthur Wade  1947
Outcast Squats the old man Garry Lyle  140
Outlines The tufted gums along the rise James Devaney 1946
Praise for little things Lord in the Sacrament, forgive me ,/who am forever asking, ,, Paul Grano 1940
Sabbath Rain All day soft rain have wrapt the city round  Emily Bulcock 1945
The Camp of the Dark Brigade MANY a mile, many a mile  'Scotia' 1885
The Dark Stranger Who can it be who walks by the river ? Paula Fitzgerald 1967
The Lord in the Wind Worship the Lord, the God of wild cold kind , James Picot 1952
Up North Into Thy hands let me fall, O Lord  Mary Hannay Foott 1885