The Poets themselves

These days it might be said that poetry is really the medium by which poets communicate with each other. That is, basically only poets read poetry, and then only so much as they need to write their own poetry.

Even more uncharitably, it might be said that many poets' chief subject matter is themselves. Early Queensland poets were no more immune to this tendency than poets today. However, what they had to say about themselves is of course interesting to readers today.

Please click on the poem titles below to read about early Queensland poets, in their own words.

Poem Title First Line Author  Published
"A New  Shirt!' Why? 'A New Shirt!' Why? Paul Grano 1942
Day-Dream  I am sitting in my office, in my office all alone  Arthur Wade  1947
Doomed     I ride upon a crest exultantly! June Saunders 1938
Finale When I have died build me no monument  Frank C. Francis  
If I am Blind If I am ever blind, I shall have seen /A jacaranda tree Gwen Belson Taylor 1974
Ten of us Ten of us, eager as men may be, Francis Kenna 1895
The Seventh Child   I am the seventh child Paula Fitzgerald 1972
When When Betelgeuse holds out her shining hand  Llywelyn Lucas 1943
Why I am Poor  Because, my friends I have a savage glee/ in drinking to the dregs the draughts of life AA Bayldon 1897