In the heart of the timbered country, where the boles of the trees show white,

Pet Kangaroos, Central QLd, 1895, (SLQ Image)

Where long leaves flicker above the grass in the hush of a moonless night,

Where the Vandyke grass grows rank and lush, and the sweetest herbs are found,

Lies the grassy sweep of the promised land, and the big 'roos'* feeding ground.


They steal thro' the red-gum ranges and they fly past the splitters' camp, 

They spring down by the shallow crossing, and they circle the quaking swamp

And they stand for a moment, front paws raised, bright brown eyes glancing round

Then off again, with a thudding tail, go the 'roos to their feeding ground.


And the men from the survey hear them, as they beat past the low white tent,

And the pigeons wake the iron bark, where they great dark boughs are bent;

And ere the peak of the topmost hill, by the eye of the dawn is found, 

They will take their fill of the grass and shrub in the big 'roos' feeding ground.

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*Roos – Kangaroos