Love and loss

Queensland women have written and published compelling love poetry for more than a century. Perhaps some readers will be surprised that, despite their occasionally 'red necked' image, so have Queensland men.

Click on the poem titles in the table below to read some of the best early Queensland poetry of love.


First line



A Dedication Because I went the lone ways James Devaney 1930
Barbaric Night From the distant village/ Comes the throb of a native drum,  Howarde Tilse  1944
Books Oh, bury me in books when I am dead , Zora Cross 1917
Dark Angel The wings of the great dark angel – I heard them brushing,  Llywelyn Lucas 1943
Fiametta  Sleep like the morning tide rolls out Edgar Holt 1932
Husband And somewhere is the sky still blue
Gwen Belson Taylor  
Lost  Young; and blithe; and gay  AKD  1885
Love Today I laid me down beside my dear  Paula Fitzgerald 1941
Love Song In the suntime came love, with the spray  Peter Miles 1945
M.L. If when I'm gone you chance to think of me  Arthur Wade 1947
Retrospect Age will not dull your eyes   Paul Grano 1940
The Beauty of Life   I had not dreamed that life could be so fair  Zora Cross 1917
The Boomerang By Fate's strong hand I am hurled away E.M.O'Doherty (1909)
 Tis Fragrant Still  A scarlet rose that once was gay  Maurice Little  1923